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Fishing on Mille Lacs -- experience, service & quality . . .
Year Round Family, Fishing, & Fun on Lake Mille Lacs Since 1993

Mac's Twin Bay is well-known for personal service & great staff. When you want to fish on Mille Lacs, the place to be is Mac's Twin Bay. Kevin McQuoid grew up on this lake and has been guiding for over 20 years. We are here year round & guarantee the best fishing experience and the best service. Go with the most experienced, best quality on the lake: Kevin McQuoid's Mac's Twin Bay Resort.#Dothelake

January 9, 2015

Busy day today and the weather just adds a little extra special *fun* to it. We have started out to the gravelnice one and will be able to pull some houses tomorrow. With the snow we got yesterday and the winds, please remember to call 24 hours ahead for plowing before you come. We have about 20" of ice on our road system.

Some nice fish being caught despite the cold. One gentleman caught a nice 26" just in the bay this morning after pulling his lines up last night just to get some sleep!

We do have rental openings, so grab some friends and head up for some great fun fishing!

January 2, 2015:

We have 16"-19" of ice and things are looking pretty good. We'll be headed out to Hennepin in the morning. All vehicles are ok to drive so long as speed is under 10 mph. Fishing reports continue to be positive. Seeing some nice healthy walleyes along with plenty of 10"-13" - good to see! Perch are running a bit small, but in good numbers.

January 1, 2015:We are heading out to Hennepin today! Please call us if you want to move out there or if there is ANYTHING else we can do for you. We appreciate all your business.Interested in renting a house from us? Whether it's a deluxe sleeper house or a day house or a spear house, call today.

December 25, 2014: We have 15” or more on our roads and we did get around 2” of snow. Going out as far as Roads F and I, not to Hennepin yet. Check in the office and we can show you road conditions. Plenty of snow for banking. Need everyone to keep speeds no more than 10 mph. There haven’t been too many people up fishing this past week with the holidays, but still getting some nice fishing reports. They are catching some perch, walleyes and northern, too. Walleye seem to be more of a night bite. Time to head up and spend some time fishing!

December 18, 2014: We are heading out farther, past Hawkbill Point. We have about 14", with spots of more ice in some areas. Driving is good, for trucks up to 1/2 ton and under 10 mph. We have rental houses open--Sleepers, Day Houses and Spear Houses. Fishing reports are promising and we are seeing some nice ones! If you have a private house with us, we're able to pull to first half of RoadsC, E, and F, and onto Road D--in addition to Roads A and B. There are a few cracks limiting us which should heal up with the cold coming. There is little to no banking snow. Please bring up carpeting or plywood to 'bank' your house. Cardboard is not preferred.

Monday, December 15, 2014:Kevin has been out to check every house that we have on the lake and all are good. We lost a bit of ice with the rain, but expect that the cold snap will take care of that in the next few days. We've drilled lots of holes to help the water go back where it belongs. Guys got fish this weekend! All over, maybe 15'-25'. Spearers are still seeing numbers of fish and pretty happy as well. Stay safe and come enjoy the early ice and nice bite!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014: 15" of ice. Fishing is going well. Houses are going out. Vehicles are driving (up to 1/2 ton). Speed Limit is 10 mph. Currently we have roads plowed in the bay and Roads A and B. Fishing some weedlines here in the bay and great structure just south of Hawkbill. We are expecting warm weather to melt quite a bit of the snow and make for about 4" of water on the ice, so bring your boots!

Monday, December 8, 2014: Great time at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show. Thanks to all who stopped to say "hi!" We have some snow, so we are busy pulling more houses from the dead storage lot!! Fishing reports over the weekend were great. Rental group had 12 walleyes, spearers had a 40" and another had 39.5". Starting to hear nice reports of perch, too. BRING ON WINTER!!

Thursday Dec 4, 2014:13-14” of good good ice.  We’ll be pulling houses up to 12x20 into the bay or Roads A&B.Vehicle traffic: All vehicles up to ½ ton pick ups. SPEED LIMIT 5 MPH We have rental houses out.  You can rent any of the Day Houses or Spear Houses and 6 or 8 hole Sleeper Houses.

Fishing Report

Fishing reports are good. Guys got fish and so did spearers. So nice to have early ice and great reports!


Each has an indoor bathroom & chairs, wall-mounted furnace.

Small Houses: (8’x8’)                          24” x 40” hole                          $100/day
Large House:  (8’x12’ or 8'x10')          Two 24” X 40” holes               $150/day

Equipment is available for $20 per set (spear and decoy


Latest webcam image~ Looking at Hawkbill point

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WINTERTIME--again, same pricing as last year!asdf

Our winter services are the best on the lake.We are home to about 200 private fishhouses and rent out DELUXE sleeper fish houses! Our roads are just like the freeway--wide, clean & well-marked (but no construction, lol).

PRIVATE HOUSES -- We do have openings for your private house. Our winter community is friendly and our staff is always willing to help you on the ice. Our service is world-class. You can check out our prices here and our contract & guidelines here. We don't have the equipment to move your house to our resort, but we can recommend Dale Thiele at 320 676 3131.

SLEEPER FISH HOUSE RENTALS -- We have the largest fleet of deluxe sleeper houses anywhere. All sleeper houses will have flat screen TVs with DVD players. Each is handbuilt with your comfort in mind. They are clean, warm &great fun. We have some super-sized houses for your corporate events or bachelor's parties--14 holers that are 12'x32' with 2 full and 5 twin beds. Click here for more details.

DAY HOUSES available to rent. 10 HOLE (12'x16') for $150. $125 FOR 8 HOLE (12'x12') and $100 FOR A 6 HOLE (8'x12'). These houses do not have beds in them and rent for 12 hours, starting anytime after 7:30 am.

SPEAR HOUSES -- 8'x12' with one 2'x40" hole and 8'x12' with two 2'x40" holes. Chairs provided. Spear and decoys available for rent.

You won’t find nicer fish houses on any lake! Our Deluxe Fish Houses are as cozy as your living room. Our roads are well-plowed and clearly marked and can be accessed with a car, truck or four-wheeler. We are located in Isle, MN on the southeast side of Lake Mille Lacs.

We are proud to feature Buzzie’s on the Bay Bar and Restaurant onshore. Always friendly & fun, you can find a great steak dinner or a quick burger. On weekends they feature karaoke. Come watch the game, or enjoy pull tabs, game room & pool table. There’s always fun times & great meals cooking at Buzzie’s!

Need Bait? License? We don't sell fishing licenses or bait. Pick up bait & license on the way, as we don’t sell either.  Local bait shops include Rod's, Trailside, and Cenex on 47 just south of Isle and Johnson’s Portside on 47 just north of Isle.

You can also click here to go to the DNR Website, where you can check out prices and order your license online. Non-resident pricing is also on this site.



PRIVATE HOUSES -- We offer seasonal fish house and RV camping for the summer and winter all on the SE shores of beautiful Lake Mille Lacs. This year, all summer spots are full, but we do have a waiting list. if anything changes. Email us with your contact info and fishhouse size and we'll get you on it!

MARINA -- Our deep water marina is a great spot for your sailboat, pontoon or boat. We have slips for boats up to 27 feet long,with powerto each slip. We do have slips open for the season, so give us a call today!

RESTAURANT -- Buzzie's on the Bay is a full service barand restaurant always ready to cater to your appetite!They have great meals, a buzzin' bar and karaoke on weekend. Buzzie's is open daily during the winter months.

*** Call Buzzie's at 320-676-3999 ***


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